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EJ Pretty Weekend Travel Bags/ Leather Handbag Mini Tote Set is our luxury trolly luggage and duffle bags in one, it makes you an elegant traveler and a hold-all, carry-all, overhead sized set. It is perfect for weekend or overnight travels or when you simply want to elope. It is a roomy exclusive luxury trolley duffle bag that accommodates everything you need for that romantic weekend gate-away. Elope was created with a spacious interior of luxury polyblend woven lining waterproof materials. We were proud to have crafted the Elope with our monogram logo-print and accented it all with 100% Italian genuine leather trims and super durable handles. Elope fits perfectly into any overhead airline carryon compartment. Alongside the attachable Ivy leather handbag, they form an inseparable set.

The EJ PRETTY LEATHER HANDBAG MINI TOTE SET is a traveler and Shopper’s tote in premium Italian leather accents. The IVY as it is called features the signature EJ Cross gold-finish metals and hardware. Two long leather straps that gets better with age to make it as practical for business as well as attachable to the duffle bag. Our leather Mini tote was Crafted and accentuated by our uniquely tailored premium canvas to accord you a youthful sporty look. The Ivy, being like the evergreen plant, represents eternity, fidelity, and strong affectionate attachment, such as wedded love and friendship and of course, that's why it is a perfect companion for our Elope travel set. You’ll surely be noticed.


SKU: 0011
    • Stylishly covert retractable pull handle and luxury wheels
    • Outside small front pocket
    • Compartments and pocket inside
    • Monogram matching luggage tags


    • 100% Italian leather accents
    • Woven fabric interior
    • Double coated monogram canvas exterior
    • Polished gold-tone brass hardware
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